Course List

Fourthstream offers several in-depth courses to help you go deeper and to become a catalyst for seeing the Kingdom grow in, around, and through your life. Each is provided at no cost to you, and all are easily used to spark Kingdom conversations with those whom you love and care about.

The God Story

To understand the specifics of the Scriptures we must see the greater story. Here are 16 God Story Conversations which also include brief, thought-provoking videos and a guide to help get the most out of each.

Kingdom Spirituality

We now address how to experience Kingdom Spirituality. King first, then Kingdom, then church. 11 brief videos and a workbook (pdf or printed) with teaching videos which guide us through the foundation for the remainder of this conversational journey. The King comes first!


The Bible (and all of human history) revolves around the arrival, teaching, miracles, and plan for God’s Son Jesus. Here we offer The Streamsbook: 40 Days to Get to Know God’s Son. A full pdf reading guide with appropriate video to guide you through a solid foundation regarding Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

Engage Training

God has a unique take on leadership. He wants to lead through us, and for us to engage the process of bringing others closer to Him as we continue our own pursuit. Engage Leadership Training addresses the core topics of what it means to become a Christ-follower, and to help draw others into this epic, rewarding journey into eternity. 12 in-depth conversations with a pdf as well as video teaching content.

Weekly Updates

Each week we will send an email with the latest links to the podcast as well as our latest thoughts and blog posts.