031 BBB: Psalms 1-21

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About The Psalms 2

Psalms One of the awesome things that makes the Psalms so durable for our spiritual journeys is the way each song comes to life over and over again. This is because our lives are always moving and unfolding, and the Holy Spirit orchestrates the Psalms (and the entire Word of God) to connect with what is happening to us and through us on any given phase or even day of our life.

The hours we have spent in the Psalms have returned so much to our souls. We have found it is quite straightforward to crack the meaning of a Psalm, so this is the approach we will take here. This helps move beyond words and information to our own deep heart experiences, which the Psalms are meant to bring to us.

Psalms reading guide for the big picture

1-2 minute Psalm Audio for 1-21 to help quick connect:
Psalm 1 audio conversation/Your Light is My Delight (1:2)
Psalm 2/Homage to the Son (2,3)
Psalm 3/Lift My Head (3)
Psalm 4/Safely Set Apart (3,8)
Psalm 5/Shelter of the Loving Name
Psalm 6/Backstroke in Tears (4-6)
Psalm 7/Lord of Heart and Mind (6,9)
Psalm 8/Majestic Man Plan (3-5)
Psalm 9/Know and Remember (10,17)
Psalm 10/King Over the Humble (4,16,17)
Psalm 11/Shot in the Dark (2,3,7)
Psalm 12/Pure Words (1,6)
Psalm 13/Fights Old & New (1,3,6)
Psalm 14/Devouring Fools (Romans 3)
Psalm 15/The Journey to Your Tent (1-5)
Psalm 16/Beautiful Heritage (6,11)
Psalm 17/Apple of Your Likeness (8,15)
Psalm 18/I Will Call Upon the Lord (3,4,6)
Psalm 19/Revelation Meditation (1,7,14)     My Music Post for Psalm 19  
Psalm 20/You Are My Banner (4,5,7)
Psalm 21/Length of Days Trust 4-7)    

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