032 BBB: Psalms 22-42

We hope you are enjoying the jump – quickly and deeply into all 150 Psalms. Once again we encourage you to pick out your favorites – everyone should know his or her top 20 Psalms, right?

We are talking heart to heart here!

Psalm 22/Roaring Rejection (1-3, 16-18)
Psalm 23/With Me Forever (1,4,6)
Psalm 24/Ascend and Stand (3)
Psalm 25/True Fear Secret (4,5,14)
Psalm 26/My Level Place (6,7,12)
Psalm 27/Light in a Living Land (1,4,13)
Psalm 28/I Am Thankful (7)
Psalm 29/King @ the Flood (10,11)
Psalm 30/Grateful Dust (9,12)
Psalm 31/Your Secret Goodness (19,20)
Psalm 32/My Eye Upon You (5,8)
Psalm 33/Praise is Becoming (1,18)
Psalm 34/Taste and See! (4-8)
Psalm 35/Quiet in the Land (20)
Psalm 36/Delight in Light (8,9)
Psalm 37/Holds My Hand (23,24)
Psalm 38/Over My Head (4)
Psalm 39/Hot Heart (3,4)
Psalm 40/See and Fear (3,8)
Psalm 41/Lost Friends (4,9)
Psalm 42/Deep Calls to Deep (5,7)

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