033 BBB: Psalms 43-63

I have found the best way to crack (and remember) a psalm is to find a stellar verse from each Psalm which includes a great statement or word picture. I then summarize the psalm with two three words which come from the key verse(s) I have identified. This helps me construct markers for my mind – so Psalms becomes a part of my stream of consciousness. It has worked well for me.

Psalm 43/Let them Lead Me (3)
Psalm 44/Your Delivering Arm (3)
Psalm 45/Remembered Forever (1,17)
Psalm 46/River of Strength (1,4)
Psalm 47/Great King (2,5)
Psalm 48/City of God (1,2,8)
Psalm 49/Riddle of Life (4)
Psalm 50/Just Like Me (21)
Psalm 51/My Willing Joy (12)
Psalm 52/Your Good Name (9)
Psalm 53/Fool’s Heart (Romans 3)
Psalm 54/God Help (1,4)
Psalm 55/Give Me Wings (6,13)
Psalm 56/Light of the Living (8,13)
Psalm 57/Awaken the Dawn (2,8)
Psalm 58/Clean Slate (9)
Psalm 59/Sing of Your Strength (16)
Psalm 60/Banner of Fear (4)
Psalm 61/Higher Than I (2,8)
Psalm 62/Lighter Than Breath (9)
Psalm 63/You (4)

Psalmfully yours,
Dave for Dave & Burnadette

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