034 BBB: Psalms 64-84

There are many ways to organize these 150 Psalms. We have found it best to make each one mobile in our lives is by familiarity. We are sharing this process here. Each is truly an inspired gift from God Himself.


Psalm 64/Glad Counsel (2,11)
Psalm 65/Near to You (4)
Psalm 66/Come and Hear/Come and See (5,16)
Psalm 67/Bless the Nations (Number 6:22-27)
Psalm 68/Strength in the Skies (34)
Psalm 69/Deep Waters of Praise (2,29-32)
Psalm 70/Hasten My Help (1,5)
Psalm 71/My Home Since Youth (3,17)
Psalm 72/Good King and His Son (17)
Psalm 73/Nearness of God (1,28)
Psalm 74/Smokin’ Anger (1,2,20)
Psalm 75/Name from the North (1,6,7)
Psalm 76/Saving the Humble (9)
Psalm 77/His Way Rising! (1,13)
Psalm 78/Abundance of Angels (25)
Psalm 79/Name Invasion (1,12)
Psalm 80/Shepherd of Israel (1,14,15)
Psalm 81/Honey from the Rock (16)
Psalm 82/Garden of the Gods (1,6,7)
Psalm 83/Possessing God’s Pastures (12)
Psalm 84/A Sun & A Shield (11)

Psalm 84 in Music

🙂 Dave & Burnadette

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