036 BBB: Psalms 106-124

This grouping of Psalms kicks off the songs of ascents (beginning in 120). Imagine thousands of people during every major feast of the Jews, ascending the mount of the temple, singing songs, and expressing thanksgiving to the Lord God! Beautiful.

Dave & Burnadette

Here is some fun audio on Psalm 107.

Psalm 106/Objects of Compassion (46)
Psalm 107/Wonders of Safe Haven (2,30)
Psalm 108/Tread Valiantly (13)
Psalm 109/Hatred for Love (3-5)
Psalm 110/Lift Your Head! (7)
Psalm 111/Fearful Works (2,10)
Psalm 112/Light Arising (4)
Psalm 113/Humble to Behold (6)
Psalm 114/Sanctuary and Dominion (2)
Psalm 115/Bless Him Forever (8,18)
Psalm 116/Call Upon the Name (4,13,17)
Psalm 117/Everlasting Lovingkindness (2)
Psalm 118/Cornerstone (22)
Psalm 119/Love Your Law (9,11)
Psalm 120/War and Peace (7)
Psalm 121/Lift up My Eyes for Help (1-8)
Psalm 122/Pray for Peace (1,6)
Psalm 123/Eyes of Grace (1,2)
Psalm 124/On Our Side (1)

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