037 BBB: Psalm 125-142

More fun in the Psalms –
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Dave & Burnadette

Psalm 125/Righteous are Surrounded (2,3)
Psalm 126/Dream Song (1,6)
Psalm 127/Sleep Gifts (2)
Psalm 128/Well With You (2)
Psalm 129/Cut Wicked Cords (4)
Psalm 130/Forgiveness and Fear (4)
Psalm 131/Rest Psalm (2)
Psalm 132/Shining Crown (17,18)
Psalm 133/Blessing Coming Down (1-3)
Psalm 134/Night by Night (1-3)
Psalm 135/A Lovely Everlasting (3,13)
Psalm 136/Skilled Goodness (1,5)
Psalm 137/Memory Song (4-6)
Psalm 138/Soul Strength (3)
Psalm 139/Precious Thoughts (6,17)
Psalm 140/Cover My Head (7)      
Psalm 141/Lifting of Incense (2)
Psalm 142/Soul Out of Prison (7)

There are some really good ones here.
Here is some fun audio of Psalm 133-134.

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