038 BBB: Psalms 143-150

You are about to cross the great divide. Way to go, amiga (or amigo).
We are proud of you and assume you feel more psalm-connected.
Great companions for your lifetime journey!

Thanks for hanging in there. Did you choose your top 20 by the way?
– Your broken records, Dave & Burnadette

Remember – these have one or two minute audio clips to encourage your continued pursuit of each Psalm.

Did we mention that the word Selah means to “lift this up to the highway of praise?”
Pretty cool. When we sing from the heart we are part of the highway…

Psalm 143/Level Ground ((10)
Psalm 144/Warrior (1,9,15)
Psalm 145/He is Good. He is Near (9,18)
Psalm 146/Keeping Faith Forever (6,10)
Psalm 147/Praise Suits Those Who Fear Him (1,11)
Psalm 148/Near to Him (14)
Psalm 149/Maker of Honor (2,9)
Psalm 150/Praise of Excellence (1-6)

If you have an interest in composing your own psalm(s) you may wish to consult How to write a Psalm (in search). I claim Psalm 151!  – Dave

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