005: Character 5 – Not Contentious or Pugnacious

Isn’t it amazing how each of these character traits targets the heart?! Each is deep and comprehensive to a reflective person, and are much like the ten commandments, in that they are about freedom for already existing constriction beach of falling short.

Not contentious explores that part of us that is ready for a fight. For some this is deep – for others more on the surface. To go through life looking for conflict is not useful to Jesus’ Kingdom or to our own personal growth.

Not pugnacious is grouped here because it is at the root of being a person who stirs up strife. Pugnacious people are agitated souls. They like to argue and quarrel. This character flaw makes us very ineffective with others.

These were two qualities that I (Dave) found in the front row in my character early on. It is good to have them carefully incarcerated.

Burnadette says they do not need to be visited in prison either.
– Dave

Here is a pdf of the qualities.

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