006: Character 6 – Managing Own Household Well – Husband of One Wife

There is a family thread carried all the way through the Word of God. The home should never be subjugated to the state or to education professionals. Parents have been tasked with the high calling of managing family life well.

Managing our Own Household Well is God’s standard for leading your family through the ups and downs of life. It is about courage. About being an example. Dealing with imperfection and coming to find a satisfied mind.

Husband of One Wife is a tricky quality in our progressive, militant world. It really all boils down to fidelity and vows – so this quality calls us to principle over status quo. Just saying.

Under courses you will find our Strong Homes Marriage & Family Workshop. It will blow your mind!

At least we think so.
Dave & Burnadette

Here is a pdf of the qualities.

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