007: Character 7 – Not a New Convert – Good Reputation Outside

You probably have your own view of watching a novice operate. Like we tell our grands, “you can’t know what you don’t know.” Plenty of room to grow. It is how life works, and is supposed to make those who become wise a commodity.

Not so with people who are in spiritual leadership.

Not a new convert. When someone is new to the faith they are untested. Lacking experience. God has designed life (and spiritual life) to unfold over time and life-events. Testing is good – it develops strength.

Good reputation. This comes as a result of continuing on the path to maturity. There are many reputation off-ramps for those who wish to be the center of their universe. A man or woman of God must have a good reputation with both those inside and outside of authentic faith community.

These qualities are clear. They are strong. They are indispensable to honoring God and finding a satisfied mind.

Dave & Burnadette

Here is a pdf of the qualities.

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