The Adversary

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The Adversary
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The adversary’s work is to keep us emotionally bound and foggy-minded. If he can attack our clarity, he can continue to enslave our hearts and minds from God’s realities.

This is how our identity and our potential Kingdom work is attacked. The adversary pursues us because he cannot get to God. He must consume our energy, time, our selves, and any focused hope in God. The adversary seeks to enslave us from the outside-in as well as the inside-out. The following become the preoccupations and condition of our hearts, and consume precious energy which could and should be devoted to God. It robs us of our chance to share in Christ’s victory.

Here are some of the things which work to captivate our thoughts and imaginations. Each is part of the core strategy to render us spiritually impotent.

√   Confusion, frustration, forgetfulness
            Satan creates confusion about what is true and what is false. This keeps us preoccupied so we will not sort out what is both real and true to God. If we can be captured by confusion, frustration, and even forgetfulness we become neutral in the fight. Are any of these being successfully worked upon you?

√   Criticism, condemnation, judgmentalism, faultfinding in others
           A critical spirit is key to keeping us in bondage. If we are captured with blaming and railing upon the shortcomings of others, we are tricked into viewing ourselves in high-minded ways. As humans we are also susceptible to intense self-criticism. There are many who spend our entire lives following the voices of self-condemnation. How does your spirit produce and respond to criticism for yourself and others?

√   Darkness, deceit
          God is not a God of gray, but of black and white. Contrast is who God is, and the adversary himself even disguises himself as an angel of light to confuse us about the darkness. Deception was even tried against the Son of God in the temptation of Jesus! When our worlds are gray, we become foggy about what is good and what is evil – what is true and what is false. The adversary creates confusion so we can be deceived. How do you feel about your own take on darkness and light? Where are you strong in this? Where are you weak?

√   Death, suicide, murder
          Life itself is a precious gift. When people lose hope we lose sight of value. Fear of death (or energy spent ignoring it) is powerful. And how deeply alone must a person feel in order to take their own life. The adversary thinks nothing of your intrinsic God-value. Where do you stand on the value of life? Your life? Do you ever find yourself captivated by thoughts of death? Where do you think this originates?

          We have covered four of the major strategies the adversary uses to place and keep us in bondage. Many of these are implanted within us at a very young age. Here are more to pray about and consider. Which have emerged in the story of your life? Which ones have been healed? Which still plague you?

Deceit, lying, slander
Destruction, violence
Guilt, shame, embarrassment, sensitivity
Hate, envy, revenge, murder
Rebellion, stubbornness
Rejection, self-rejection, fear of rejection
Grief, fatigue
Fear, terror, torments
Rage, anger, hate, envy
Self-rejection, inadequacy, unworthiness, perfectionism
Unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, resentment
Worry, anxiety (future, impressions to others)
Adultery, seduction
Blasphemy, cursing, mockery
Competition, insecurity, pride
Depression, anger, defeat
Doubt, unbelief, skepticism
Infirmity, sickness
Pride, arrogance, vanity, self-righteousness
Perfection, insecurity
Rape, violence
Sensitivity, fear

Make your own pray list concerning your personal battles with the adversary. Visit it often and invite the Father, Jesus, and the Spirit to meet you and heal you in each one!

The adversary seeks to keep us preoccupied and in bondage.
Which of these reflect your personal achilles?

√   Alchohol-drugs-nicotine-gluttony-anorexia-bulimia-caffeine 
√   Control-domination-possessiveness
√   Intellectualism-need to know-rationalization
√   Lust-sexual impurity-adultery
√   Performance-pleasing others
√   Pornography-sexual fantasy
√   Obsessive masturbation
√   Occult and spiritism
√   Religiosity-ritualism-doctrinal obsession
√   Over-inflated self-importance 

Do you know that Jesus can and will set you free from these? Seriously.

Bondage is the adversary’s goal – freedom is the intent of the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! What can you take from this post to address before your Healer Jesus?!

We are for freedom!
Dave and Burnadette

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