Angelic Realms

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Angelic Realms
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You have heard me talk often about interpreting the God Story (Bible) by following woven threads and allowing these threads to give us God’s mind on any and all matters. Angels is one of a dozen of the major threads in God’s Story. These first paragraphs tell the story of the angelic realms and lead us into the series of √ questions below. What follows are the listed references from this thread. Here is a link to a brief video integrating where angels fit into what we know of our story.

We are in the midst of a consideration of a series of spiritual warfare posts – this is the macro on a huge part of what is going on around us. While our human story is front and center in the God Story, we are not the only players in the Story. The angelic realm is probably one or more of the dimensions identified by modern science, don’t you think? 

Enjoy. There are quite a few angels all about us!
Dave and Burnadette

God has created the angelic realm (1) and man’s existence is deeply related to that of the angels (2). The host of angels was created unimaginably vast and sinless. They are represented by archangels of which three are named: Satan, Michael, and Gabriel. These are apparently distinct from the Angel of the Lord who has a special place in communicating with man (3).

Satan, son of the morning, was the most beautiful of God’s angelic creation (4). His sin of pride caused him to become Satan, and a great company of angels followed him in this rebellion against the Father (5). These now reside as demons in the kingdom of Satan to do his will and share his fate (6).

Satan is the originator of sin (7) and under the permission of God tempted Adam and Eve and Job into transgression (8) and continues to tempt their offspring (9). He appears deceptively as an angel of light (10) counterfeiting the works of God to tempt and accuse man (11). He is immensely powerful and is subjected completely only to the power of God. (12) He was judged at the cross (13), his sentence to be executed at a time yet future when he will be bound, loosed, and then cast into the lake of fire for eternity (14).

Those angels who kept their glorifying design and did not follow Satan’s rebellion remain eternally before the throne of God where they protect and proclaim His holiness (15). Others go out as ministering spirits to serve those who will be heirs of salvation. (16)

We believe that man was created lower than the angels; and that in the incarnation, Christ subjected Himself to this lower place that He might with Himself lift us above the angels (17). We believe, O Lord, that though Satan’s power is great it is subjected in every way to the will of our Creator, so that we may live wisely (18) and without fear (19).

I search, O Lord, and desire to reject the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life, (20) and join with the heavenly host in placing you above all rule and authority, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! (21)

√   How massive is the angelic realm?
√   Where do they live and what do dimensions have to do with this?
√   What is the purpose of angels?
√   How do they differ from humans?
√   What is the difference between angels and archangels?
√   Why did God create so many different kinds of life – including angels?
√   Where are we most vulnerable to attack by evil angels?
√   What things do God’s good angels bring to us?


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