Joining Other Kingdom Allies

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Joining Other Kingdom Allies

What if you could be taught by Jesus Himself AND
Grow deeper roots – at your own pace – with a clear plan?


In our lifetime it is possible to deeply impact hundreds of souls. If we understand and embrace Jesus’ example and invite Him to be the guide and power of our lives, this can definitely happen through us. Different than mere attendance participation, this is personal, spiritual engagement with other hearts and souls. It is what Jesus did. For instance, Burnadette and I disciple about a dozen people at any one time. These are those who choose to respond to guidance in God’s Word and open themselves to doing good and sharing – as they are directed by Jesus. When people do so at the pleasure of Jesus, like mustard seeds, the Kingdom begins to multiply through us. is designed to provide a lifetime of encouragement and help for helping ourselves and others engage the depths of the mind and heart of God!

√   There are 7 quick connect videos to get to know us and where we are headed – click on the left of the masthead. The navbar includes access to each of the things we will now consider.

√   We stay connected with ongoing blog posts which highlight spiritual subjects in relationship to the events and situations unfolding around us.

√   Our latest Finding Hope podcasts can be opened at the right top of the home page.

√   Our ongoing plan for taking a Jesus-Centric look at the entire Bible can be found in the same place, and our podcast seasons are available wherever you find your content. Jesus-Centric rotates, so you can begin where you wish and choose based upon where God is directing you to read.

√   We also produce a series of conversation podcasts to help you engage others in considering Jesus. These can been scrolled in the navbar as well.

√   There are 5 pivotal occasions when God has spoken to us during our spiritual journey together. Each time He has given a series of essays and podcasts through which to share some insights. You can find printed, audio, or pdf copies of each in the navbar – under books.

CURIOUS JOURNEY/Your Story Matters
Our identity is precious to God and important to us. It gets convoluted by our circumstances, choices, and the short-comings of humankind. Even the most enlightened soul needs to believe his or her story – what we do and how we live our lives – matters to those around us – as well as to our Creator.

KINGDOM/Finding Your True Self
Answers to deep questions are not discovered through mere reasonings of men. If we are to find our true selves we must experience connectivity with God and His Son. The Author has the answers to our identity and what is important for our eternity. King first, then Kingdom, then church. Religion, philosophy, and science are only echoes of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

MENTORED BY GOD/Finding Our Way In A Darkening World
Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of Faith. He came to know His Father completely by the same human means which were stolen from us in the Garden. Because God is limitless, He is available to mentor us through Jesus. If we care. As the world darkens in her soul the Light shines brightly to those who hope in God.

We are born into a world at spiritual war. Imperfection is all around us. Turbulence of some sort is a part of every man and woman’s journey. These essays address the nature of this war, our part in it, and Jesus’ victory over it. Each helps us to use faith to navigate the big picture on this war, as well as how to be victorious in it.  

GOD’S MAN/GOD’S WOMAN/Let’s Make It Count
God’s design specifically includes the man/woman partnership. Here is a fresh, truly biblical look at how the home becomes the heart for the growth of Jesus’ Kingdom which we co-authored with Brent Harris.

√   In addition to our books we have developed a series of in-depth courses where you can conduct your own deepening study of the Word of God. It is comprehensive, it is layered, and it is accessible. Did we mention that it works?!

We have taken these approaches deeply into our hearts and lives, and have searched the Word and Wisdom of God to find deeper Jesus connectivity. If you have known Jesus for awhile but are still struggling with your God connection, we also offer interaction for personal healing in discipleship with our Jesus Upgrade.

√   Together we attempt to stay on the same page with Jesus concerning warfare prayer. This weekly prayer post gives us connection to a short audio prayer to send us in the right direction.

So whether you are single, have a small group study, or married and raising a family or beyond – let us know if you wish to discuss encouragement options for structure to get it done!

Dave and Burnadette

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