New Book Coming: God’s Man/God’s Woman

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New Book Coming: God's Man/God's Woman

Every Jesus follower wants to see God’s Kingdom grow. Deeper conversation, personal meditation, Jesus discipleship, and sheltering others are all a part of making our lives count. Brent Harris and Dave Nadler combine their gifts and experiences to bring clarity to how your life can build organic spirituality, as we follow the true Leader of all human souls.

Brent’s careers in the military, law enforcement, and business bring leadership insights that will focus your road to spiritual success. Dave has worked to bring about Kingdom outreach to our city and beyond. Together with Brent’s wife Brenda and Dave’s wife Burnadette, they provide their unified message of God’s Man/God’s Woman: we are made in God’s image and we are better together when Jesus is at the center of our home. 

This is the first of 10 podcasts that will draw you and others deeply into the learning, training, and mobilizing of the content of God’s Man/God’s Woman. The book will be available soon from, and will be offered in both printed and audio versions.

Brent Harris, Leader-Teacher
Dave Nadler, Teacher-Leader

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