Psalm 152: A Safe Place

So I got this the other day while reading Psalm 56 and 57/hope you enjoy it 🙂


I am living in a safe place O Lord God
Under the wings of God Most High!
I will sing the melodies of a grateful heart
And I will lift my voice to my King

You have covered me with Your wings
And You have brought Your sabbath rest to my soul
You have caused my heart to to fly upward
Into the joy and comfort of Your presence.

Will my heart not sing and my strings not play melodies of a rescued heart?
Will I not use my every and last breath to proclaim the pure virtues of God Most High?

You have made me, You have saved me
You have set my feet in the glory of Your presence
I lift Your Name from my place of safety
In You I have found my rest.  

I lift this up to the highway of praise which flows unceasingly before the throne of the Living God – Selah!

Genesis 2:2; Exodus 20:8; Hebrews 4:9
Psalm 4:8
Psalm 107
Luke 15
Proverbs 18:10

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