We enjoy connecting with others who are serious about being Kingdom disciples of Jesus!

If you want to connect with Jesus and develop your own personal skills to stay connected, reach out and become part of Fourthstream Kingdom Discipleship. Here is our approach with both our podcast conversations and courses:

#1   Helping someone get started as a Jesus follower
Knowing Jesus Conversations connect you quickly with what Jesus said about Himself Awakening Conversations provide backdrop for what is happening inside your faith

#2   Helping someone establish in Jesus
Streamsbook: 40 Days to Get to Know God’s Son
The God Story Course: 10 Sessions placing Jesus in God context

#3   For those who like to read books (5)
Curious Journey discusses the importance of our personal stories
Kingdom investigates what Matthew’s Gospel teaches us about the Kingdom of Heaven
Mentored by God interfaces with how Jesus connected with His Father and invites us to do the same
Turbulence of Imperfection considers the question “why are things the way they are?”   God’s Man/God’s Woman (spring release)

#4   For those who wish to build a strong home
Fourthstream Music Player brings the words of scripture into your home and car
40 Key Characters from the Bible provide a conversational growth option for family and friends
From the Inside-Out investigates key character qualities for building interior strength
My Kingdom Heart examines how we may experience the same Kingdom heart that Jesus found as a man
My Strong Home talks about marriage and family principles for ourselves and others

#5   For those who enjoy podcasts
Season One: My Spacious Conscience discusses the freedom of God’s Commandments
Season Two: Core 20 is an overview of the great Kingdom questions of life
Season Three: Warfare discusses in-depth the realities of being born into a world at war
Season Four: Turbulence of Imperfection wrestles with why there is so much difficulty 
Season Five: Kingdom (in process) the implications of King/then Kingdom/then church

#6   For those who desire deep training and discipleship in the Word
Kingdom Spirituality a Pure Heart/Knowing God/Doing Kindness/Growing Life
Streamsbook considers 40 days of readings to connect with the Jesus Story
8 Great EpochsJesus-Centric takes a look at the entire Bible in light of Jesus
Deeper helps you implement your own study skills for unlocking the threads of scripture
Book by Book allows you to dive more deeply into each of the 66 books of God’s Story
Engage Discipleship Training considers the becoming a Kingdom disciple discipleship is very personal and focused on men and women who are willing to invest what it takes to master the teachings of The Father, His Holy Spirit, and His Son Jesus. It is based upon the woven threads of God’s Story.

Dave & Burnadette

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