The Kingdom Circle

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The Kingdom Circle

We have considered King first – then Kingdom – then Church in our Kingdom podcast #1. This gives us a Jesus perspective on the Kingdom, which is helpful as we integrate our lives into His Kingship and become disciples of the Kingdom – which in turn will bless the church of the Living God, which is being purified into a spotless Bride of Christ. 

Within what Jesus lived and taught us was an example of a self-fulfilling, renewing, and ongoing work of the Holy Spirit who lives within all the sons and daughters of God.

“…that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you.”  – John 14:17

“In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.”   – Romans 8:26-27 

There appears to be a Kingdom circle of life which continues to occur within the hearts of His Kingdom servants. A Pure Heart is a heart of humility. We bend to Him because He deserves it. This in turn opens the door to genuinely Knowing God as we enter into a reciprocal relationship with the Father God through His Son Jesus. This results in the genuine ability to Do Kindness into the lives around us, which results in the very real process of Growing Life

The Kingdom circle or cycle feeds itself and multiplies much like the Kingdom seed Jesus spoke about: “…it is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it is grown, it becomes a tree that provides a place of shelter for the birds to nest in its’ branches.” In this sense we emulate God, because when we provide shelter people are blessed and God is honored. We plant, we water, but the Lord of the harvest brings about growth (Luke 10:2; 1 Corinthians 3:6)

What does this look like in a Kingdom life? Meet Ann. Ann submits herself to the Kingship of Jesus. She bends her will to searching His Word and following His example. This inevitably leads her deeper into knowing who God is and understanding His companionship and partnership in her life. She prays and chooses to activate her gifts and use them for the welfare of others and the patient honor of God. By caring for and “discipling” people in her family, neighborhood, and work-life, she brings the shelter of Jesus into the lives of others. She becomes an encourager for King and Kingdom, and does all she can to see people rooted and growing in faith. This feeds her own spiritual growth and helps her as she cares for her own Kingdom “tribe.”

This Kingdom Circle allows us to share in the words “well done” at the end of the age. Beautiful!

The Kingdom conversation is incredibly powerful and very beautiful. It puts religion in its proper place, and unlocks a Kingdom experience which is meant for every follower of Jesus.

Your life is a Kingdom life. Your calling comes from your King. When you stand before Him you, like us, wish to hear the words well done. “And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant, because you have been faithful in a very little thing, you are to be in authority over ten cities.”  – Luke 19:17

And so, by living out the Kingdom we celebrate the coming Kingdom. When we participate in the Kingdom circle and produce fruit that pleases God, we are truly blessed! And if we get to do this with other like-minded Christ followers, it is all the more glorious.

The Kingdom Circle is God’s work and it is our work. 
√   We come openly to God in humility
√   We experience personal connectivity
√   We invite God’s kindness into our thoughts and actions
√   God includes us in the growth of true life

Working together with you,
Dave and Burnadette

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