God’s Man/God’s Woman – Timidity, Fear, and Identity

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Combatting Timidity, Fear, and Identity Issues

As we discuss making our lives count we are addressing some of the key things God reveals in His Word concerning what He values – and what is most effective for us personally. This chapter highlights the potential impact of being timid, how fear sabotages us, and why our God identities are so powerful in keeping perspective for our lives.

Being made in the image of God is a privilege not even angels share (1 Peter 1:12) so it is important we give attention to this, even though we are besieged and many are even crushed by what happened in Eden. This chapter follows consideration of our personal strengths and weaknesses, because honest vulnerability can help us to squarely face the things we all struggle with, either by our imposed humility or our overly high estimations of ourselves.

It takes courage to overcome fear. When we stand side-by-side with our Creator in these battles we are blessed by His desire and power for us to overcome. When we see ourselves as His dear son or daughter our true identity fuels our courage, right?! This allows us to honestly face our personal fears and bring them before the caring authority of our King. He is King over everything – and every one. 

Added to this are the distractions of our world. Wars. Rumors of wars. Manipulation. So many things out of our control that we are easily susceptible to what we can control – and this makes us vulnerable for sure (i.e. possessions, impurity, distractions). The illusion we have of control by merely choosing to “touch glass” to find any kind of knowledge – we often create a false sense of winning.

We are given very specific weapons to help us fight with courage. Brent and Dave offer some insights to help you make your life count on both the battlefields of mind and heart! 

Choosing to be courageous with you,
Dave and Burnadette

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