Your Deeper Invitation

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S6E1 - Your Deeper Invitation

At we enjoy connectivity with a circle of a men and women who are willing to dedicate necessary effort to become fully trained as a disciple of Jesus – managing our distracted lives – devoting ourselves to accurately handling the Word of truth. 

Check it out, pray, and join up by reaching out at [email protected]. This is for those who take seriously the desire to hear the words “well done.”

Here is a pdf of what you will experience – with diligence – at your own pace.

Training Map PDF

Others who have benefitted from

“Understanding the difference between putting the King first vs church first has been a game changer for me as I am assessing my relationships with people. I appreciate because it gives me the opportunity to read articles and get a brief soul overview in the middle of a busy day that brings me joy and fills my cup. Fourthstream totally helps me become a better member of society, because they teach me that it’s important to follow the Word of God, yet to not take myself too seriously. Who wants to be around a dreary Christian? My life makes more sense following Kingdom discipleship with Dave and Burney.”  – Ann

“I have watched as Dave has stayed true to his giftings of teaching, shepherding, and discipling even when assaulted by the enemy’s schemes. Burney is a peace-maker and has shown my wife and countless other young women how to operate out of a “Proverbs 31 identity.” When I connect with the Kingdom through you and what you teach, I come away refreshed in my heart and strengthened in my spirit!”  – Daniel

“Dave and Burney’s knowledge of the Word of God and their ability to connect the threads has really helped me understand the God Story and apply it in my life. Through tools they have created, such as, I have been given a path and a clear defined process to help me dive deeper into the Word. I have been engaged in their Jesus Centric program on that has given me a strong foundation and pushed me to want deeper understanding of the Word. Dave and Burney also have been discipling our family on this history and the big picture of the God story. If you are someone wants a closer connection with God and a better understanding of his Word I highly recommend taking advantage of the tools on!”    – Nick

“Kingdom teaching is about me and my relationship with Jesus and learning about who I am. Dave has created an extensive teaching site that allows you to ask questions and search for answers on Fourthstream. It has allowed me to grow closer to Jesus and grow deeper – through all the courses, podcasts, books, study guides! Dave and Burney have impacted my life in so many ways. I’m thankful for their kingdom teaching and discipleship focus. A couple with a heart for Jesus and fire for others to know his love.”  – Roland

Welcome to a deeper, systematic, Jesus-centric dive into God’s Story,
Dave and Burnadette

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