God’s Man / God’s Woman – Putting It All Together 

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Putting It Together and Making My Life Count

We have enjoyed our time together discussing the power of God’s Man/God’s Woman for doing good in our world. Obviously, we have just scratched the surface on these ten topics, but this book was written to provide a home base for each of these critical conversations as you grow in your own faith and try to help others do the same. 

What are the good questions of life? When we live in an inquiring manner we expand the depth of our minds and hearts. There are obviously core questions, but we must hold the unfolding questions of our personal growth experiences up to God’s core as we search for true meaning. 

How does a person leverage the mind, heart, soul, and conscience? Awareness of the distinctions in each of our identities is key to making the most out of our choices and actions. When we can sift the events of our lives through these God-given assets: mind, heart, soul, and conscience we can find depth for who we are becoming. 

My personal vision: what is it I want out of life? It is easy to live in a distracted and shallow manner. While we may find happiness, this in no way assures depth in heart and mind – or true joy. So it is important for me to have a compass when it comes to what I desire and pursue.

How do I find, cultivate, and grow solid relationships? We got some good feedback on this chapter as you appreciated looking at how God describes the core of relational success. This does not happen without living in a principled way, investing in true relationships which produce fruit. Depth takes prayer, work, and above all – a forgiving heart toward one another.

What have I (we) found that has helped establish, nurture, and guide our home? When we find and adapt to God’s principles for the home we will find God’s design for success. It is not a matter of being perfect parents, but being sensitive to God and one another as we work to build a Kingdom home.

What have we found to be our personal strengths and vulnerabilities? Personal honesty is the best policy for sure. When we are vulnerable with God we are teachable in the deeper things of life. This opens us to others within the imperfect world of relationships, and helps us to embrace our journey with humility and hope – two key elements for putting it all together.

How do we go about helping others combat timidity, fear, and identity issues? Because we are born into a world at war, we are susceptible to the schemes of the wicked one. When our timidity is exchanged for courage, our fear for hope, and our learned identity is secure in Jesus – we are able to help others do the same.

What we have found to help us connect with our/my spirituality? God can be a distant concept for our human hearts, but we have been given the Word of God and His good Spirit to connect us with Him from the inside-out. This allows us to live with what we call a satisfied mind, and fuels a life of spiritual work and hopeful enjoyment. Being spiritual is much different than being religious. 

What does the Light and Darkness conversation bring to my/our trajectory? To be discerning in our lives we must make use of the tools God has given us to find our our way. The Bible is a book which contrasts the light and the darkness that exists all around us. This says it all:  “…but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”  – 1 John 1:7

What things have helped me/us put it all together and make life count? We are hopeful that this book and the time you have spent thinking some of these things through has resulted in clarity for your spiritual journey with Jesus. After all, He is the way – He is the truth – and He is the life! 

These topics and principles can give us a home base for expanded understanding as we grow in wisdom and experience. “Wisdom is the ability to put knowledge into practice.”

Let’s Make it Count!
Brent Harris and Dave Nadler

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