Psalm 151 – A Song of David

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Psalm 151

Here’s my crack at writing a Psalm – what do you think?
You can listen if you like (I fancy myself an awesome reader)

Who paints like You, O Lord, our Living God?
Your colors are deep pools, exuding laughter, light, and exquisite beauty.
Your brush strokes are as vast as a galaxy; and delicate, like suspended drops of gentle rain – Your rain – watering all living things – dancing in puddles upon Your vast, living canvas.

The fields of autumn are filled with golden fire and rich beauty – soon to slumber and sleep – Your ice and snow drives us to warm places of shelter, while your creatures find their winter rest – Your awakening and exploding spring palate is multi-hued beyond description – And Your faithful sun-filled summer days fill the earth with Your Abundant Good.

How many times have I stood spellbound and in awe of Your Living, unfolding beauty?
How many human canvases have tried to harness one moment of Your aways-unfolding glory?
How many men and women have bowed at the precipice of a lifetime of trying to capture true beauty?

The Great Artist! He does not merely paint. He IS.
And He paints with life and light itself!

Selah! Lift me up to the Highway of my God!

Now go ahead – and write your own Psalm!

How to write a Psalm:
Acknowledge a moment.
Capture the emotion.
Articulate the experience and how it reflects your life – all life.
Send your emotion back to God in acknowlegement of some aspect of His greatness.
Share your thoughts and invite others onto the Highway of our great and awesome God.

“I have been overwhelmed by His creation – and I have insufficient ability to paint 
what is in my imagination.” – Dave (for Dave & Burnadette)




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