The Supernatural Part


Humanity has always dabbled in the idea of the supernatural. It seems to be a part of our dreaming, speculative, and collective psyche.

Obviously we must be careful to find authenticity when it comes to supernatural realities. After all, even the greatest sceptic believes there is some sort of good and evil about.

One perhaps may be taken with the idea of superheroes. Or another captivated by science fiction. And there have certainly been countless supernatural claims made in the realm of religion throughout the ages. And of course, there is the atheist/agnostic take – scientifically (and systemically) bound to deny anything of a supernatural dimension.

So here’s my question: “Is there any way to determine if anything authentically supernatural has appeared in human history?”

I personally believe there is clear evidence that such appearances have occurred more than once, and that these accounts are recorded faithfully in the books of the so-called “old” and “new” testaments.

I also believe there is a supernatural dimension within every human being. Some would call this the soul. Those who follow Christ appear to have this part of us unlocked in a very unique way. If God is One, and if He has revealed His Oneness through His Living Fatherhood, His relationship with His Son, and through His “Voice” – His Spirit; then that same Spirit is alive in all of mankind – and especially uniquely in His children.

Right now I am thinking a lot about the transforming power necessary to bring supernatural reality into my own heart and life.

Beats excessive amounts of television or screen time.

Just saying.

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