My Kingdom Life

I have concluded several things in my journey. While I love serving Christ’s Body as a teacher in His “church,” I have become convinced that the focus of Jesus’ teaching was on His Kingship and His Kingdom. After careful inquiry it appears to me that King – Kingdom – then Church – is His order for spiritual growth. The “church” is one beautiful outworking of the growing seeds of the Kingdom.

Church is not merely a place we go, it is who we are. Kingship and Kingdom is all about the heart. When Jesus says “repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” He is not only asking us to turn from futility and sin, He is asking we turn toward His Kingship – His authority over our lives.

There is a reason Jesus mentions the word church only a couple of times in the Gospels, but the Kingdom is referenced over one hundred times.

Just saying.

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