Engage Kingdom Training at Fourthstream.com


If you could devote the most efficient amount of time to radically develop your personal abilities to accurately handle the Word of God, wouldn’t you want to do it?

– God has spoken and His Words bring Life
– Our lives are filled with distractions
Intentionality is the antidote to help us ‘buy back’ our time
– Engage Training multiplies our spiritual connections

Engage Training at Fourthstream.com is a workable partnership for making huge, encouraging strides in your Word connections with Jesus and His Father.

If you are intrigued, click the red Kingdom Training button to the right.

And take a few minutes to watch this video – the entire God Story in eight minutes.
What a mind-blower!  https://thegodstory.com/the-god-story/

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This is going to be fun!

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