Kingdom Training: Settling In

I am very encouraged with your feedback, thoughts, and engagement of our God Story study – what a great Story we are a part of! Thanks for your willingness to consider these concepts and passages/we all have different availability and needs – so – set the SCOPE of your study to fit YOU – if I were to prioritize for approach:

– start reading the next sections/passages right away/even the next day if you can
– if you try to do 20 minutes each day in the passages you will probably hit 3-4 days successfully/awesome!
– just jot down your thoughts in the spaces provided/we are not writing a paper, we are isolating principles – interacting with each passage
– watch the videos whenever you can/they will enhance and expand your experience
– I recommend watching the God Story in 10 minutes video several times during these four weeks

Enjoy your week – I know I will!
Let’s try to get through 3 sections, or at least begin the Abyss conversation/lots of passages (all from your notebook/not extras 🙂

Friendship with God…John 15:12-17
Light & Darkness and the human heart…Genesis 3
Adam & Eve & us…Romans 5:12-17
Destination of the “children of light”…Hebrews 12:18-29
(video:“is there a soul-illuminating light?” – 1 John 3:18-22)

How was the GIFT promised and delivered?   Genesis 12:1,2, Exodus 32:13
Why do we need a GIFT?   Ephesians 6:12
What do you learn about the GIFT from this passage?   1 John 2
What did God’s work through the Jewish nation teach us about the GIFT?   Hebrews 9:23-28

Genesis 3 Why is this story so epic for the human race – as well as our personal lives?
Psalm 139 What does this passage teach us about the transference of sin and separation?
Exodus 3  What does this chapter teach us about the Living God? About us?
John 8 There is a lot here about how Jesus is addressing the DEATH TRAP ABYSS. What do you see?
Luke 2 How do Simeon and Anna address the issue of spiritual death?
Hebrews 1:1-4 Why is Jesus (Yeshua) so important in addressing the issue of spiritual death?
Matthew 1:23/Isaiah 7 Why is this prophecy an important one in preparing us for the human birth of the Son of God?
John 3 What does Jesus say will allow any man or woman to escape eternal spiritual death?

– How does Imperfection line up with the purposes of God?
– What are some ideas and/or strategies that can help you experience Solitude?

See you soon friend
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