Awesome First Kingdom Training Get Together :)

Great to see you all – our focus this week:

Understanding the sweeping “Big Story” is similar to looking at a puzzle without having the picture on the box. Through careful and sometimes arduous processes I would observe and ponder each piece, and then attempt to see where each one fit within the big picture on the “box.”

Soon I became excited. The pieces began to reveal a picture, and my motivation to complete the puzzle began to overtake me. The 10 minute God Story video is a description of the picture on the box. I think you will find it helpful in connecting your story within the God Story. Each of our stories is unique, and His Story gives true eternal meaning to our journeys.

Watch this (awesome) God Story video and list several of your main observations or questions.

Complete the first three sections of the study in the God Story book/watch videos that interest you:

Write some thoughts about passages and questions that strike you (download booklet here)
– The Expanse (pages 5-8)                 Expanse video
– Epic Roots (pages 9-12)                   Epic Roots video
– Bridge of Light (pages 13-16)          Bridge of Light video

Curious Journey: Read pages 1- 26
–  Story/First Memories: we will share a few highlights that have shaped our personal story
– The Heavens: we will talk about the things that blow us away about immensity/microsity
Americana: one thought about being an American
– How Imperfection lines up with the purposes of God
Ideas/strategies that can help me find Solitude

See you Saturday Night, 5:00-6:30 at the Pulse Studios at Fox Creek.
I can’t wait!

Dave Nadler
[email protected]

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