Kingdom Spirituality

Jesus mentioned the church only a few times in the Gospels. He speaks about the Kingdom many times. I think this was purposeful. The church is built upon the foundation of the Kingdom, not the other way around.

The bible is clear: Jesus is the King of the earth. Man is lost. Religion is inadequate. Something more is needed.

Perhaps this is one of the traps of modern man. The kings of our age have proven impotent: figureheads or mini-dictators. It is hard for us to imagine an all-powerful ruler – let alone a kind King.

This is the great theme of the God Story. There is a King over the earth and His Kingdom has come. As we learn to bend our will before the King we find His Kingdom. When we find His Kingdom we find freedom. And because He is a Perfect King we also find His kindness.

You can pursue religion all of your life and either get good at it – or quit in disillusionment. As long as we look at our relationship with God as able to be mastered, we will either become arrogant or we will give up. Neither is helpful to the soul.

There is a spirituality that is not religious. If you have been holding back on being spiritual because you mistrust religion, the God Story can help you in your journey. Kingdom spirituality is organic. It is relational. It works.

– Dave Nadler

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