Light a Fire


the actions of spiritually courageous catalysts who are ready for heart revolution.

New catalysts need to be fearless. There are simply too many scary barriers to smash through to be timid.

The arrogance of the human race (particularly her leaders) is almost smothering. One more expert who enthrones untested theories. One more religious superiorist who does a work-around the door of faith.

As we spiral into self-absorption and attempt to draw our meaning from meaninglessness, we are daunted by our inadequacy. There is no truth. There are no absolutes. Everything is correct, yet nobody is anything.

There is something supernatural about running into a burning house to save someone who is perishing.

This is exactly the kind of person fitted to be a new cataylst. Whether rich or poor, constricted or free, wise or humble, beautiful or ordinary – courage – spiritual spine is the catalyst’s metal.

All else is disconnected empty.

In every one of us there is the capacity to light a fire. One small flame can bring rivers of light.

This is the great theme of the God Story.

– Dave Nadler

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