Hard Road

Do you consider yourself a principled person?  Someone who goes against the grain if you disagree or if you believe in your heart that it’s wrong?  I can’t say for sure if I am.  I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I’ve probably failed that test more times than not.

The thing is, “wrong” can be insidious these days. Or, it can be just too darn tempting.  It works on you from all directions, obvious and blatant.  Standing firm against what you know is not right could honestly be a full time job.  So much of what is socially acceptable and even expected these days goes directly against what is right for my heart.  I see it, I know it, and I sometimes fail to resist it.

In one of Dave’s God Story videos, he talks about Hezekiah.  A man who rebelled against idolatry, and resisted the liars that tried to tell him God would not help him or deliver him.  But he WAS delivered.  More than once.  He turned to God – and God heard his prayer.

Simply put, I’m considering this.  Thinking a lot about it.  It brings into question some of the things I allow in my life that no one else has a problem with, but that I know aren’t good for my heart.

I needed this to come along at this point in my life, for several reasons.  I’m glad I made the time to learn about Hezekiah and what his story means in my life.  Join me in learning and start off with the God Story mini course.  You won’t regret it!

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