Delight in Light
To bend in pleasure.

God’s Word has an incredible ability to make the complex simple. The word pictures used throughout help paint clear pictures of the essence of God’s communication to mankind. This Psalm is no different. God’s people have roots. They grow deep to find the nourishment necessary to sustain a soul through the ups and downs of life.

Those who do not (the wicked) live the life of a weed. No roots. No staying power. Susceptible to every external whim and force. While we may look good for the time-being, when the storm comes we have no roots to keep us intact. 

Psalm 1 brings brutal clarity to a life which remains – and one that doesn’t.

Welcome to one of our favorite Psalms. It is fitting that this Psalm kicks off the message of the rest of the Psalms. It presents a gritty, cosmic guidepost to pleasing our Creator. Where do you land concerning the streams of living water? Where do you sit? Walk? Stand?

Living Streams
A Solid Water Song

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