We are building/adapting our mentoring site right now – so this post will give you a flavor for where we are headed šŸ™‚

It appears that one error occuring around us right now is a complete mis-understanding of identity regarding men and women. We have allowed our historic worst attributes and short-comings fuel a new identity paradigm – apart from a consideration of Design and original intent.

Instead of seeing men and womenĀ created with equal value before God, we areĀ filling our souls with distorted correctiveĀ strategies. And now we are passing on this un-anchored mess to increasingly confused generations. And our leaders and philosophers are not only of no help – they are fueling decay at an alarming rate.

Our city has been blessed with certain men and women who reflect the qualities of what the Bible would call ā€œoldersā€ who have a heart to see faithful, available, and teachable young men and women engage our King and His Kingdom. This video briefly explains what older and younger men and women can do to encourage one another in becoming all God meant for us to be – and in so doing – finding our true selves.

We also are hosting a Man of God live event and a Woman of God live event coming up on November 15-16/save theĀ date and invite a friend!
Here is the info/invitation on the Man of God event on October 25-26.

Love to see you – it will be worth your time!

Dave & Burnadette Nadler

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