047 BBB: Jeremiah 1-52/Lamentations 1-5

The book of Jeremiah is loaded with insight into God, humanity, and the sons of Israel. As Jerusalem falls, God is there to confirm their sin AND remind them of His long-suffering love. There is no way we can do justice to this book in a week, so we will need to take “a view from 10,000 feet.”

First, I recommend this link to a pdf of the entire book(s) where you can see how Jeremiah/Lamentations flows – as well as do some background reading which reflects upon his mission. We offer these for most books of the Bible – and you will find each one a huge resource to quickly and deeply crack the code of each unique book. You should have ample tools to become familiar with and excavate treasures from Jeremiah.

Our choices to sin are not benign. Each time we choose our own way there are practical consequences in relationships and for our hearts. Prophets like Jeremiah can help us untangle these consequences – all within the amazing grace of our Father.

Here is a suggested breakdown to read – if you want to tackle the entire book. Lamentations are Jeremiah’s words as Jerusalem falls – just as he had prophesied in the book of Jeremiah.

Courage my adventurous friend! (if you make it all the way through both books this week we will buy you an ice cream cone). Burnadette will buy.

Day 1/Jeremiah 1-8
Day 2/Jeremiah 9-16
Day 3/Jeremiah 17-24
Day 4/Jeremiah 25-32
Day 5/Jeremiah 33-41
Day 6/Jeremiah 42-52
Day 7/Lamentations 1-5




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