048 BBB: Ezekiel 1-48

Ezekiel’s prophecy is unique among the prophets. His visions are transcendent. His story includes traveling with as well as speaking to the exiled Jewish people.

Remember, the northern Kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity to Assyria about 722 bc. The southern Kingdom of Judah (where Jerusalem was located) was scraped up and deported to Babylon in 500 bc.

Isaiah spoke to Judah before her captivity. Jeremiah testified to Judah as well, but leading up to the fall of Jerusalem and into the time of captivity. Ezekiel and Daniel focused God’s Words on the time of Jerusalem’s demise and then to the captives. The kingdom of Assyria then gives way to Babylon, under the unprecedented and powerful King Nebuchadnezzar – who would have incredible interactions with God’s prophet Daniel.

Kings & Prophets is very helpful when placing each prophet with the corresponding kings within the history of the Jews.

This guide will take you as deep as you wish to go into Ezekiel.

If this is your first time through Ezekiel – pace yourself. Make use of the overview to place each chapter in the overall story of the book.

We’re with you in this!
Dave & Burnadette

A good prophet song from Isaiah 55

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