049 BBB: Daniel & His 70th Week

Unlike modern purveyors of enlightenment, the prophets of Israel were watched expectantly to see if their words would come true. If they didn’t pan out, things did not bode well for that particular messenger.

Daniel’s visions were sweeping, were validated, and have stood the test of time. In fact, the dreams of Daniel are inseparably linked to the story of the end of time: the book of Revelation.

We will read through Daniel and Revelation and look for correlations which can provide a ring-side seat to some of the most amazing events of the history of humanity.

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Here is a reading plan for these two incredible books. We should be able to pull it off in about 30 days – about 15 minutes each day. Also, here is a reading guide to Daniel as well as one for Revelation. Let’s go Deeper!

Daniel 1
What were Daniel and his friends’ choices and what was the immediate and long-term impact?
Daniel 2
What are the remarkable things about this dream interpretation? What does it teach us about Daniel?
Daniel 3
What does this golden image have to do with us? Who was the fourth person in the furnace?
Daniel 4
Why do you think some of this chapter is written in first person? How dos this make you feel about the power of kings?
Daniel 5
In what ways was King Belshazzar like his father Nebuchadnezzar? In what ways was he different? What is remarkable here?
Daniel 6
What do we learn about the substance of the man Daniel? Why the image of a lion? What was the impact upon Darius the king?
Daniel 7
Who was king when this vision occurred? Compare Revelation 1 with this vision – what do you see?

Daniel 8
The “beautiful land” is Israel. This is a sweeping vision of the future, as is the remainder of the book of Daniel. Wow.
Daniel 9
This is the “70th week” of Daniel. The book of Revelation IS the account of Daniel’s 70th week. Double wow.
Daniel 10
How did the angel (and God) feel about His servant Daniel? Why was Daniel afraid? What are we learning about these later visions?
Daniel 11
God moves great empires and kings about on the chessboard of history to accomplish His will. Can you see it? Believe it?
Daniel 12
The “time of Jacob’s trouble” will involve the entire population of the earth (it is already almost 7 billion). Triple wow.
Revelation 1
Now it is time to see how the books of Daniel and Revelation overlap and compliment. Here we again encounter the Throne.
Revelation 2
What are the distinctive of each of the seven churches and what does each teach us about faith?

Revelation 3
Sketch out the 7 messages and translate each into your spiritual experience with God. What do you learn?
Revelation 4
We are now given insight into the scene in heaven as events unfold upon the earth. How does this “Creator vision” make you feel?
Revelation 5
Who is the Lamb and why is it significant that He wis the One Who is breaking open the seals?
Revelation 6
These seven seals appear to be the big picture on how the judgment of God will unfold. What is unique about each?
Revelation 7
How does this make you feel about being “covered” by the Lamb? How is this making you feel?
Revelation 8
Things are heating up, and this seventh seal contains seven angels with seven trumpets. What is the impact of each one?
Revelation 9
Notice how the glory of God is woven into the events of the end, and how these things must happen for new things to occur. Amazing.

Revelation 10
Why in the world would John have even the little book? What does it reveal about what was happening and how John was being impacted?
Revelation 11
It is almost as if every human constituency is being represented in the events of the end. Both Jews and Gentiles have central roles.
Revelation 12
This is a step back for a macro look at the big story and how the events of Daniel’s 70th week are integrated into it. Wow.
Revelation 13
Why is the dragon and the beast so powerful? What do you think this “mark” will look like?
Revelation 14
The imagery here is sweeping, majestic, and terrible. What do you make of the present-day identity of Babylon the great?
Revelation 15
The old is passing away and the new is beginning to emerge. How does this make you feel?
Revelation 16
We have seen the breaking of the seals and the sounding of the trumpets, now we witness the bowls of wrath. The end is here.

Revelation 17
Babylon is more that any one nation of history. She is the embodiment of the harlotry of humanity, and her fall will be great.
Revelation 18
Why is Babylon the great being judged? Who are her inhabitants?
Revelation 19
The sage is set. Now the glory of God will eclipse the pride of mankind. Once and for all everything will be made new. This is the hope of the saints.
Revelation 20
Now everything good and everything bad are finding their place. Death dies and life becomes eternal. This chokes me up.
Revelation 21
What so you think life in the new city will be like? What will we be like? What will we do? How will we spend our eternal days?
Revelation 22
This is our new home – the everlasting peace – the satisfied mind – for which every soul has longed for since the dawn of time.

Selah! (lift up our praise to the river of praise that flows before the Throne of God Most High!

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