Have you ever seen angelic activity? How would you feel if you did?

What do you think about the existence of angels? What are they like? How do angels compare to humans? Are there good angels and bad angels? Can they be seen with the human eye?

Are there other dimensions?

Are Satan, Gabriel, and Michael really heads of divisions of angels as the Bible indicates?

Thinking through what the God Story says about angels can add real insight into the greater story in which we find ourselves. Are we the center of the cosmos, or is there something greater going on? Are there more powerful beings than us? What can they do to influence us and what are their limitations?

This is a fascinating aspect of what the God Story gives as specific explanations of the things we can know for sure.

Enjoy. Deeper waters my friend!

The God Story and Angels
The Angelic Realm
Seeing Angels
An Angel Song

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