Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are? Why is the world (and life) filled with so much pain? Why do humans exploit and harm one another?

As sons of Adam we each bear the image of an all-powerful Creator Father. God has a mouth, eyes, hands etc. – so whatever it ultimately means for us to be made in the image of this never-ending Being, we are meant to contemplate how blessed we are to have His image stamped upon our souls. This is important, because whatever our personal journeys may be, understanding our identity in the face of Christ is critical to our own satisfied mind.

The other side of this coin is that all of us are spiritually lost because of the sins of our parents, Adam and Eve. What if this is more than a fanciful story and tradition? And what if God is great enough to be connected with billions of souls at one time? Even if these souls have lived, died, and are decomposing in our graves!?

The God of the Bible not only claims to be the Creator of a never-ending cosmos, He is also involved with His creation on a particle level. So, in the first Adam, we all died spiritually. In the second Adam (Jesus) we all may be forgiven and live forever.

In this podcast Burnadette and I brush against this incredibly deep and far-reaching teaching from the God Story. To understand our nature and true purpose is simply worth more than gold. Seriously.

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Why are things the way they are?
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