It appears to me that as we begin to again engage with one another that the God of All Living (and of those who are not) is once again opening a window for hope. God is not a stranger to times of fear and pain. In fact, He has chosen to use our weaknesses to bring about things we would never choose or experience on our own.

I am making a pivot in my approach. My principles remain (as they should) but  I feel I should modify my choices. Perhaps you will find these helpful. Our neighbors have been through quite an ordeal. Many have been drawn more deeply down the path of fear. Some have lost loved ones and been forced to face their demons. Others have been drawn to greater reflection over deeper things.

First, I feel I need to press more strongly toward opening my eyes and my ears to deeper things around me. For every one who is grappling with vulnerability and fear, there is another who is wrestling with issues of meaning. While many around us are well-intentioned, the pandemic has amplified less savory things about leaders and experts. We are compelled to go to places we have not traveled before.

Next, many searching hearts are at their own crossroads. I intend to be more prayerful about connections with these kinds of situations. Is it possible that Jesus will open many eyes and gather many souls into a true life of hope which will transcends life, success, health, and inevitable death? I don’t want to miss out. I want to be used by my Master as the blowing of the wind occurs once again.

Finally, I am asking God to make my pivot clear to me. What needs to fall away and what needs to be embraced with calculated abandon? I am praying the same for you. As you have heard me say many times, life is like a sleepy dream. Let us keep track of each other so we can walk in ALL that the Lord has for us – while today is called today!

We love you all,
Dave & Burnadette

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