Do you think God listens to you? As a practical matter, how can our individual voices even be distinguished from so many human souls? And how critical is it to have one’s thirst quenched by God? Is spiritual rain from God even important?

We have concluded God is the One Who awakens sleeping souls. Without the intervention of God through Jesus we would be without hope. He is the Life-Giver, and He alone has the authority to awaken us from our sleepy dream (or nightmare).

There is a woven thread in the God Story which illuminates the idea of spiritual rain falling on thirsty souls. Joel 2 prophesies specifically about why falling rain is so key. (Psalm 84/Isaiah 55/Luke 12:7 are also cool here)

Right now we are witnessing a huge opening in which rain may fall into human souls. We are right where God wants us to be, and we are prepared to walk though any doors of faith. What a great time to live.

Rain upon your soul and upon those whom you love!
Dave & Burnadette

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