In God’s world men AND women are central to revealing and building the Kingdom of heaven. This is not a contest  between men and women, but a heartfelt desire from our Creator to prepare us for forever life in Jesus.

Instead of seeing men and women created with equal value before God, we are filling our souls with distorted corrective strategies. And now we are passing this un-anchored mess on to increasingly confused generations. And our leaders and philosophers are not only of no help – they are fueling structural decay at an alarming rate.

Our city has been blessed with many men and women who reflect the qualities of what the Bible would call “olders” who have a heart to see faithful, available, and teachable young men and women engage our King and His Kingdom.

Check out some of our MENTORS in the nav bar. We are sure you know others as well!

Also – our book “Mentored by God” can be reviewed and ordered to the right – in both printed and electronic formats. It can be a great resource for mentoring and engaging conversation with others.

We hope you are enjoying the book of James – Galatians is on the way. These two letters provided some of the first transition from the Story, teaching, and miracles of Jesus into Power that is overcoming the world.

Dave & Burnadette

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