Music: Seek the Lord/Isaiah 55

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Seek the Lord/Isaiah 55

There are many words of encouragement in the book of Isaiah. Today we highlight two chapters: 35 and 55. As we have been reading Philippians (Christ our Joy) I have been struck by God’s desire to supply joy and encouragement to His people – even when there are tough things going on around us (can you relate?).

Isaiah 35 talks about “a highway of holiness.” It appears to be where men and women come to meet Yahweh in the glory of His everlasting joy. What? Everlasting joy. Wow. Take a moment to read the encouraging words of Isaiah 35. What do you learn about joy? About who you are? About God’s plan?

Isaiah 55 lifts our eyes beyond what we can see. It provides an anchor for those who have deep spiritual thirst (55:1-2). It invites us to a road of companionship, purpose, and destiny. This is our invitation to move beyond the thoughts of man and be drawn to walk among the heights of the powerful Lord of the Harvest. This song/chorus can be an asset to help lift your eyes to the highway of holiness.

Enjoy, and share it with a friend 🙂
Dave & Burnadette

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