Stories Great and Small

curious-journey-coverA number of years ago I decided to write out my take on what I have learned thus far about the significance of story. I completed these “memoirs,” handed them out to a few friends – and continued to pursue my other interests – giving minimal additional thought to Curious Journey.

A few months ago I picked up the book, reread it as objectively as I could, and made a few changes to the format as well as adding some content. I was, overall, happy with my representation of how my personal journey overlaps the Big Story.

I offer this quote and some links by which you can find an inexpensive printed copy or a free electronic copy of my missive, and invite you to join me for the next weeks as I muse upon some aspects of my thoughts in Curious Journey.

“Little captures our imagination more than a good story. What about a great movie that draws you in and inspires your replay button – hours and even days after you have returned to your own every day!? The “classics” endure because they are able to cross-culturally ignite minds over multiple generations.

A real modern tragedy exists in that we reject our own stories as “average” or “too ordinary” to matter to anyone else. We are robbed of our sense of wonder at an early age and slip into a tepid mediocrity created by special effects, highly paid actors and actresses, and million dollar ambient budgets. We believe we have nothing to offer because we have come to believe that story must be dramatic and “big” in order to matter. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Each of our stories is the REAL story, and the special mark upon each one of our lives is of huge human value. Our story is one which unfolds with uniqueness, beauty, and meaning.”

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Warm regards,

Dave Nadler
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