Curious Journey: Are you on page 6 yet?


I refer to the God Story often in Curious Journey. I believe the God Story is the Big Story, and our stories find meaning through our connection to this greater Story.

(Whenever you have a few minutes I have summarized the entire God Story in one brief video. It may help you understand what I mean by God Story. Watch the God Story video here.)

I know – I started my book with a death story.
A DEATH story.

Our vanishing point is one of the great mysteries of our existence.
I am just trying to make sense of it.
I feel humans owe ourselves answers. We need to think this through.

As we begin take a few minutes to consider:

One of your favorite movie stories and why it has meaning to you…

One of your favorite classic books and why you think it endures…

One of your favorite adventure stories and what good things it evokes in you…

I hope you enjoy the first chapters of Curious Journey.
Let’s paint a mind-picture together.

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