God reveals Himself through nature (in both the macro of astronomy and intricacy of micro cell structure). It seems apparent to me that the Designer Who MADE me has also SPOKEN to me. If God has Spoken to me (and all my human brothers and sisters) through the Heavens, through written revelation (the God Story), and through the human appearance of His Son Jesus – why has He chosen to do so?

Which leads me to my next question – if our Creator is this creative, beautiful, and immense – why would He care about me? And if He does care and has revealed Himself, how cannot I not reciprocate His move toward me? Is the God of the universe and beyond really this personal?

Revelation impacts us whether we acknowledge it or not. Embrace it and your sense of wonder grows. Reject or ignore it and it withers on the heart vine. Isaiah 40:3-9

I feed and protect my sense of wonder. It is critical to my Curious Journey!

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