KB – 001: Our True Selves

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KB - 001: Our True Selves

In a lifetime we get to know ourselves pretty well. The good things. The not so pretty things. We expand our mind, nourish our bodies, fortify our hearts, and and search to connect with our souls (or not).

The Kingdom can provide something which religion simply can only mimic at best. The Kingdom is the key to finding our true selves. By recognizing Jesus’ kingship over the earth, we are introduced to something powerful: bending our will before something and Someone greater than ourselves. His Kingship, if allowed to, can shape us for the life and the life to come.

Pages 7-12 in my Kingdom book considers four challenges we can embrace to find success in our Kingdom walk with Jesus. Check them out and see what you think, and what overlap each has with your own spiritual journey!

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