Kingdom 02: True Success

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Kingdom 2: True Success

We are definitely a part in a much bigger story. Some would call this THE Meta-story of all existence.

A checkerboard and a chess board are identical. For the most part, I consider myself a checker-player. While I understand chess and have played most of my life, I remain quite deficient in strategy. So once my grands have been able to vanquish me (this usually happens around 12 year of age) I move on to other things.

Mankind appears to be only one grouping on this bigger board. There is the the Father, the Holy Spirit, and His Son Jesus. There appear to be principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Also: 4 Living Creatures and 24 elders, along with myriads of angels – both good and evil (what is a myriad anyway?). And truly – God knows what else. A pretty expansive board.

Humanity is unique in this story. We are in the center of a battleground of faith. We are in a war which has consequences beyond our wildest imaginations. A place within this story where while we are in the middle of it, we are not the center of it. We are one key part of what is unfolding for the GLORY of the Living God. Wow.

Matthew gives us great insight into the Kingdom. King first, then Kingdom, then Church. When we embrace our King we unlock some pretty amazing things (remember, He holds the keys to His Kingdom/Revelation 1:18).

Pages 13-15 talk about the God-parameters of the Kingdom.

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