009: Families of Origin

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SH12-012: Our Families Of Origin

The family in which we grew up has tremendous impact upon our newly established marriage. This particular topic exercise helps you to openly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of where you each come from. Remember, you have spent all of your lives in these respective systems, and to think each will not be impactful as you establish your own family dynamic is unrealistic. It is better to face the good and the limitations head on together – and come out the other end stronger companions.

To be honest as a couple about where we came from (as the years unfold) allows us to take what we want to keep and expand as well as to move beyond what is not helpful. God is totally in our corner when it comes to leaving where we have grown up and traveling to a together place which reflects the things we want for our own homes. Sometimes this means leaving things behind, preserving others, and working together to make our own young marriage and family one of a kind.

Also, sometimes our family of origin histories reveal places we need to experience healing and forgiveness. Type New Heart into the search box to pursue this conversation more fully. This is huge when we are talking about moving forward into our own hopes and dreams for our home.

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