In the early 80’s Burney and I headed for a professional studio in Sioux City. It was an awesome learning experience to work with great professionals, and we got a chance to put down what we learned to date about God and our life together. Although the music is a little bit 80’s, we remain proud of the project. You may get a kick out of it! Sadly, we have lost the photo of the two of us that used to be in the album with the lyrics. Truly sad. Here is a brief description of each song, with links to the album cuts.

Valley of Decision (song link)   Based upon the book of Joel, Acts, and Revelation. Mind-blower. 

If You Could See  (1983 Link) (2020 Update Link)   Reflections on who we are: Psalm 139.

Rainy Days  (1983 Link)   My initial thoughts about the turbulence in life.

Blind Man’s Song (1983 Link)    We were being overtaken by the miraculous simplicity and emotion of Jesus and what He did and taught.

Tearmaker  (1983 Link)   This was our early take on spiritual warfare. We have kept learning about this.

We’ve Got To Learn to Be Hungry (1983 Link) (2000’s Video Link)     The Psalms were beginning to animate for us. This is a good one!

I Remember When We Met  (1983 Link)   10 Years in and we were growing in our oneness. As you listen you can change the line 10 years to 50 years.

I Used to Think  (1983 Link)   I finally got to record this in a real studio. It is from my Winter Traveler series of song-poems.

Rain On Me  (1983 Link)   The book of Job was finally focusing for us for some reason. I don’t know what we would have done without these words!

Share With Me  (1983 Link)   This is an invitational song. Please join us. We think you will be glad.

You can read more about our writing, poetry, and musical journey in Essays On A Satisfied Mind and Heart (soon on Amazon). is loaded with other teaching and song content. 

Dave and Burnadette

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