Welcome 2.0

The last weeks have been arduous. Yet God has taken us to places good for our hearts, minds, and souls – and we are excited to share with you!

Thanks to our friends, allies, and intercessors who are partnering with us through prayer, giving, and by sharing strength with us. 

These 20 podcasts should be helpful and provide entry to over 300 teachings Burnadette and I have prepped.

The world is at war with God and one another. The teachings of demons are everywhere, and we must be alert as we navigate. Effective Warfare prayer, building Kingdom friendships, and activating the Woven Threads of the God Story are all key for the days ahead.

We are beginning our communication list from square one – so feel free to pass on what we do. We are hopeful. And we are grateful to name the Name with you!

Dave & Burney

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Weekly Updates

Each week we will send an email with the latest links to the podcast as well as our latest thoughts and blog posts.