God’s Words Are Perfect!

When we consider the Bible we are looking at much more than one of the writings of antiquity. Think about it. If you were God, and You wished to communicate to all humanity throughout all time, how would you do it? It makes sense You would express yourself in all the things You have made. From the structure and function of a cell to the unknown expanse of space, you would imprint your message about who you are in everything you had created. This is called natural revelation. The Bible teaches us that “God is clearly seen through what has been made…”

And if You were God, and You were going to be more specific about Who You are – doesn’t it make sense You would choose to communicate Yourself through supernatural story? This is why He chose a people (the Jews) to be His people, so all the nations could have a greater-story about Who God is and how we may connect with Him. The Bible, then, is a series of story conversations about Who He is, who we are, while also revealing to us what God is doing. This is termed specific revelation. While nature shows us the incredible macro and micro of science, God’s Word reveals how other men and women, including ourselves, have and may find our Creator.

But God did not stop here. Through the Law, prophets, gospels, and letters – God has expanded this revelation by sending His Son Jesus into the world. This is literally the story purpose of the entire Bible. God has come near!

We all know we live within imperfection, often experiencing significant turbulence in our lives, and that we have no control over the number of each of our days. But why are things the way they are?

We are given many helpful things so we may live in a way which pleases our Maker. Nowhere in the Bible is there such a thing as an old and a new testament. There is One Testament – the testament of and to the Living God!

When Jesus taught He spoke from the Law, the prophets, and the psalms (Luke 24:44). There are several aspects of this message from God which are contained throughout the revelation of the Bible.

A Precept
Is a series of oversight principles which lead us to freedom. These can help us find our way.

His Commands
God gives us His appointed messages which explain how to turn from our ways and submit to His plans for our lives. These too, release us from bondage, and set us free.

His Statutes
Are literally God’s laws for the heart which will lead us into spacious places. While obedience is honoring to God, His hope is for our freedom. Freedom from the bondage of being self-gods and shaping our lives in conformity with His perfections is His goal.

His Laws (Torah, the prophets, and the psalms)
are the commands of the essence of Who He is. They not only explain the what and the how, but the why. Jesus made it quite clear no man (except Himself) could keep the Father’s commands perfectly. It is a means to an end.

His Ordinances
are the things which He (and we) carve out from our personal intentions which help us honor God and humble ourselves at the same time.

THE WORD BECAME FLESH and lived among us. Perfect.
Dave and Burnadette

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